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Yoga for children- Shivam Yoga Centre

Yoga for Children

Greatly improve your child's physical fitness and mental abilities with Yoga

Yoga for adults- Shivam Yoga Centre

Yoga for Adults

Connect between your mind, body and soul with the holistic power of Yoga

Online Yoga Classes

We provide regular online yoga classes with special attention to every individual.

Balance your
mind, body and soul today

Why you should practice Yoga

  • Enhances your flexibility
  • Controls sugar levels and blood pressure
  • Generates positive hormones
  • Regulates and cleanses your body

Connect Spiritually

Yoga establishes a balance between the mind, body and the soul

Become fit and aware

Yoga improves your energy levels, flexibility and mental awareness

About Us

Revive and Rejuvenate with the Holistic Science and Power of Yoga

Shivam Yoga Center organizes yoga programs with a clear scientific and balanced approach to practical yoga classes so as to inspire people to connect to true yoga and deepen their awareness and improve life. The Center has conducted several workshops and events locally and nationally to enable self-realization through the potential power and holistic science of Yoga.

Sn. Gangamurti - Shivam Yoga Centre

Sn. Gangamurti

Founder, Shivam Yoga Centre


Yoga Trainer

Niladri Das - Shivam Yoga Centre

Niladri Das

Technology Manager