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New Yoga Course- Yoga for Joy of Life

We are back once again with another yoga event Yoga for Joy of Life that will be organized by Shivam Yoga Centre in collaboration with Siya International, Raipur (India). The course will be guided by Swami Mahesh of Siya International and Sn. Gangamurti, yoga teacher and founder at Shivam Yoga

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surya namaskara how to perform - Shivam Yoga Centre

Surya Namaskara – How to Perform

Yoga an ancient art that originated in India almost six thousand years ago is now considered one of the most effective ways towards a healthy lifestyle. It creates a balance between body mind and soul. It is the best possible way to connect to nature. Surya Namaskara is a practice

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The benefits of meditation and relaxation - Shivam Yoga Centre

The Benefits of Meditation and Relaxation

If there is a single thing common for all of us, it’s solely the inciting urge to be happy and satisfied in our daily lives. It holds for everyone may it be a crying baby, an insecure teenager, a responsible family person, every single person seek something that would comfort

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