We had an amazing yoga workshop at Manyavar official Premises

On the auspicious occasion of the International Day of Yoga, we had the wonderful opportunity to conduct a yoga workshop at the official premises of Manyavar in Kolkata. The yoga workshop was guided by Sn.Gangamurti (Kaberi Das) of Shivam Yoga Centre, and was participated by many employees at the Manyavar office.

The yoga workshop was initiated by chanting the powerful sound of Om mantra, followed by the mantra “Sahana Bhavatu”. After that, Sn.Gangamurti guided the workshop by conducting a series of asanas, pranayama techniques and relaxation techniques with the primary aim of relieving stress and tension in the mind. The asanas were also aimed at improving strength and flexibility of the body, and toning the muscles.

The whole program was well received, as the participants were pleased to have experienced the benefits of yoga. The momentary joy on their faces revealed intense satisfaction. Sn.Gangamutri had advised all the participants to practice yoga on a daily basis because that habit will gradually benefit the mind, body and soul.

Shivam Yoga Centre conducts similar yoga workshops at various locations and types of events. If you wish us to conduct yoga workshops at your premises, please feel free to contact us from this page (click here).

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