Let's celebrate Christmas together- Shivam Yoga Centre

Let’s celebrate Christmas together!

Here comes Christmas again! And this time, we have lots more going on in the yoga centre to celebrate the auspicious occasion together. On 25th December, we will be organizing the blissful Christmas celebrations. The event will take place both online through Zoom and at our premises. We will be celebrating together by cutting the Christmas cake, singing, dancing and cherishing beautiful moments! We will also organize a Satsang (holistic group discussions) and pray to the Lord to connect with our soul and bring peace and harmony to all of Nature’s existence.

The Christmas celebrations will commence on 25th December from 6 PM (IST) onwards. If you want to take part in the celebrations, please note the Zoom meeting details below:

Zoom meeting ID:
Meeting password:
Direct meeting link:

Date: 25th December 2022
6 PM onwards IST (GMT +5:30)

If you want to visit our yoga centre to celebrate the auspicious occasion with us, please join our official yoga group on WhatsApp by clicking here: https://chat.whatsapp.com/E8p4e1kYCx50yT0H64XAWn. Please make sure to use your phone and verify that WhatsApp is installed for the given link to work.

All right! Now that we have connected for the celebrations, let us discuss the marvellously decorated Christmas tree. Do you wish to know why is the Christmas tree so important in this festival and what its significance is? Let’s dive into the details…

About the Christmas tree

The Christmas tree is a holy tree and a popular holiday decoration during the Christmas season that is celebrated at the end of every year. In Christianity, the Christmas tree is a symbol of the birth and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The Christmas tree is an evergreen tree that is represented by a pine, spruce, or fir tree and is decorated with lights, gifts, ribbons and strings, paper chains, dolls, toys and numerous ornaments and symbolic objects that have very close association with Christmas celebration. The ornaments and decorations have a spiritual connection and represent the various qualities of people, such as peace, love, kindness, compassion, joy, goodness, gentleness and loyalty. Many families place presents around the Christmas tree that is opened on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day on the 25th of December of every year.

Now that we know about the Christmas tree, let’s see why are they “evergreen trees”? A Christmas tree is evergreen because it symbolizes eternal life and immortality which was a custom of the ancient Egyptians, Chinese and Hebrews. The worshipping of a tree is a very common practice across various cultures for numerous reasons. It is believed that an evergreen tree that is decorated with attractive ornaments and divine objects can scare away the Devil from a place and invite birds to sit on the evergreen tree during the time of Christmas.

However, the modern Christmas tree originated in western Germany. The Christmas tree is often considered a paradise tree on which apples are hung to represent the Garden of Eden. The Germans set up a paradise tree on 24th December and hang wafers all around the tree which symbolises a eucharistic host– a Christian sign of redemption.

Just like the German Christmas tree, the British people also use a Victorian tree which was popularized by Prince Albert, the husband of Queen Victoria. The Victorian tree was decorated with toys, ornaments, gifts, candles and decorative strings. Fancy cakes are hung on the branches of the tree with ribbons and paper-made chains. The wreath of the Christmas tree signifies true love.

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