yoga for joy of life resuming from April 2023 - Shivam Yoga Centre

Yoga for Joy of Life to resume soon!

It is with great excitement that we announce resuming our monthly yoga workshop, Yoga for Joy of Life. The yoga workshop will resume from April 2023 and will be conducted every month from the 24th of every month for a week. The monthly yoga workshop will be guided by Sn.Gangamurti of Shivam Yoga Centre. It will be conducted every month through the Zoom Meetings app and at our yoga studio. You will have the option to join either online or at the yoga studio.

The Yoga for Joy of Life workshop used to be conducted every month till July 2022. Unfortunately, due to some internal matters and unavoidable circumstances, we had to suspend the yoga workshop. However, we are going to resume the yoga workshop again from April 2023.

We look forward to your gracious participation in the yoga workshop. If you are interested to join the workshop Yoga for Joy of Life, please contact us through the website or reach us at our telephone number which is provided in the contact page on this website (or click here to contact us).

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