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Yoga for Joy of Life will be conducted every month from now onwards

We are organizing the featured yoga event Yoga for Joy of Life in coordination with Swami Mahesh from Siya International. The second series of this amazing event is currently in progress and we are already receiving massive support from our yoga students.

This is a video extract from Day #1 of Yoga for Joy of Life March month yoga event

Yoga for Joy of Life is a yoga event that focuses on improving the mindset and making it more positive, optimistic, motivated and encouraging. In turn, several negative vibes about your mind and body will significantly reduce- such as stress, anxiety and sugar levels. We have developed this event with care and constructed it in such a way that you can easily bring about a positive change in life and establish a well-coordinated balance between mind, body and soul. Yoga for Joy of Life is focused on enhancing a happier and more joyous mood. If you practice yoga while maintaining the routine of Yoga for Joy of Life every day with full dedication and consistency, a positive change is guaranteed. This is our sole objective of the Yoga for Joy of Life event.

Many students have shown keen interest in this yoga event and have requested us for conducting the Yoga for Joy of Life yoga event on a monthly basis. Therefore, we have discussed it and decided to conduct the Yoga for Joy of Life yoga event on a monthly basis.

The yoga event will be conducted at the end of every month. In general, it will be conducted from the 20th of the month to the 26th of the month. You may always visit this link to learn more about Yoga for Joy of Life and register yourself in the monthly yoga event.

Click here to visit the registration page for Yoga for Joy of Life:

It is incredible to see the rising success of the yoga event. We have received plenty of positive feedback from our respected students regarding Yoga for Joy of Life yoga event. If you wish to learn more about this yoga event, please click here or contact us using this link:

You may also reach us through a phone call by clicking here.

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